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killed by the taliban for promoting girls' education was released from the hospital today. the attack in october led to worldwide condemnation, and an outpouring of sympathy for her cause. nbc's keir simmons has more tonight. >> reporter: malala walking from the hospital today. a strong woman, her doctors say, making excellent progress. in pictures released by the hospital, the affection of her nurses is evident. >> i think it's fantastic news she has come out of the hospital. and it's actually particularly a relief to her family. >> reporter: family members in the uk have visited regularly but doctors decided living with them would help her recovery. >> they were finding it difficult to properly educate her in the hospital. so they wanted her to be even more with the family, because only father and mother were allowed every day. >> reporter: just three months ago in pakistan, malala was near death, shot in the head by the taliban. they were angered by her campaign for women's education. >> if you can help us, please help. >> reporter: instead of killing her, they made this teenage gi
it is about fully funding education. we've had four or five years of basically grotesquely underfunded schools so every kid wins as a result of this. >> the back at the elementary school, the money can't come soon enough. >> it definitely is more of a challenge to bring them along without funding to support activities and programs that would help benefit english learners. without those programs, it is harder to bring them along. >> it is fair. it's right. and it's just. >> now, administrators aren't about to go all-in just yet. they know this is only the proposed budget and they're waiting to find out more when the revised comes out. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> the budget has very good news for higher education. we'll break down the numbers straight ahead. >> also, destruction from san francisco to l.a. the new warning about an earthquake scenario that was once thought to be impossible. >> why a science teacher is being hailed a hero after a new school shooting in southern california. >> and what happened? the deadly accident that burned a bay area hillside and shut down a major
to be stress relief. >> reporter: experts say more education is needed to help young women make wise choices about whether they should drink alcohol and how much. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >>> and we're back in a moment with the night the luck o' the irish ran out. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> we learned overnight one of the great nonfiction writers of our times, richard ben cramer, has died. if you were a young journalist in this country wanting to know how best to cover politics, campaigns and politicians, richard cramer's book "what it takes" it all it took. it chronicled the 1988 campaign as it focused on bush 41, on bush 41, dukakis, biden and all the educated at johns hopkins and columbia. richard ben cramer died of lung cancer at the age of 62. >>> well, you know how they say roll tide. the tide certainly rolled right over notre dame last night as alabama owned the bcs college championship game. from the get-go there were sad irish eyes all over this today. a 42-14 thumping for the
going to get out of it. >> do people understand this? how do you educate or engage the american public to get more involved in this debate? i mean, what's the average consumer or investor missing out on and what do they need to do? >> well, i think education is very important. i think that's where both parties, particularly republicans, have done a terrible job of influencing public opinion. but you have to simplify the issue. and the way i like to talk about it is that if you take our country's fiscal situation and put it in family terms, we have a family that's earning $22,000 a year, spending $38,000 a year, has already on its credit card balance $143,000, and that balance is increasing at $10,000 to $15,000 a month. now, that family will never be able to pay off that debt. so their children and grandchildren are going to have to do that. i don't think that's what american families really want to have happen. >> you know for a little while the regulatory environment has front and center. what can you tell us about the financial services sector? people are not sure about the financia
. the budget includes a $2 billion increase in funding for k-12 education. but not all districts will get the same amount of money. in fact, the governor pointed to two bay area school systems to justify his decision to give more money to certain schools and less to others. nbc's arturo santiago joins us from piedmont. i can imagine this is already causing controversy. >> reporter: a bit of it, raj. the governor specifically mentioned richmond and piedmont, two distinctly different school districts but when it comes to what the governor is proposing for the k-12 funding, you'll get similar reactions from each one. now, at perrys elementary school in richmond, 100% of its students are on the free or reduced lunch program. now, this is the kind of school that the governor is trying to focus on. he just doesn't want to increase funding across the board. he wants to disproportionately fund the schools, like perrys that have disproportionate challenges. that would mean less funding for schools with fewer low-income or non-english speaking students. the educators i spoke to in both richmond and
with patriot misils. >>> a pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban for promoting girls' education. she was released from a uk hospital today to live with her family while she waits for an additional operation. kir simmons has that story. >> reporter: months after she first arrived malala yousafzai walked from the queen's hospital in birmingham. a miraculous recovery for the pakistani girl who in october was shot in the head on her school bus. the local taliban in the district because she spoke up for the rights of women. doctors say the bullet grazed her brain but describe her as a strong young woman. she will now continue her recovery with her family in britain. her father, mother and younger brother are all here. she's to undergo reconstructive surgery in late january or early february. the pakistani government is paying for her treatment, and her father has been given a job, appointed education attache for the pakistani consulate while tens of thousands have signed a petition calling for malala to receive the nobel peace prize. keir simmons, nbc news, london. >>> the los angeles pol
, an institution that excels in education and athletic achievement. the football program a shining example of evidence for decades and after over three decades as the head football coach, the community came together as he steps aside as head coach. >> it is an ending for me but also somewhat of a beginning. it's everything that has been my life and people ask me, what am i going to do now? i really don't know what i'm going to do now. i'm going to be here teaching and i'm going to be here helping in any way that i can. >> reporter: and there's something important to note that you get a sense of when you're here on the campus. with all of the success of the football program over the years, the display of that success is very understated. a small hallway houses the trophy be cabinet, the spoils of success hardly the point. they're actually a bit hidden. more prominently on display, reminders of great teams and players like amani toomer and taylor. also stand-up people in part for having spent time in their formative years with an extraordinary coach. >> i've enjoyed every minute of it. and i
with a hearing loss. i can't hear anything. >> the spebl education teacher wears a hearing aid, but it wasn't enough to cancel out feelings of being left out. >> you often feel like that. sometimes you are not good enough and don't feel like you are part of the group. >> her life has changed the same way it has for sarah bride who is also deaf. >> these women say facebook opened up the world. not only quick access, but sharing memories through pictures and videos. >> you connect with them in a way you didn't previously have an opportunity to connect with them. >> then kaman opportunity they couldn't pass up. visiting the people that made it happen at facebook headquarters in menlo park. >> really, really changed my life. >> a life that before seemed to be cutoff by the world outside the deaf community. >> that's what i like about facebook. we are on the same playing field. we haven't had it before. >> a teacher to deaf children for more than 40 years, watching kids struggle with the disconnect was frustrating. >> these kids are smart. they have every opportunity, but there was that piece th
controversy surrounding the harvard educated two-time head of omb is his signature, which has been affectionately compared to a 6-month-old less loose with a crayon. if lew is confirmed, that signature goes right on the money. >>> starting pictures dread it, baseball fans know it well, it's the call of the bullpen and it may never be the same. t-mobile handing out samsung galaxy smartphones to major league teams to replace the handset and the cord. and since the call to the bullpen itself is sponsored these days, and seemingly everything in baseball is sponsored these days, they couldn't pass up this opportunity to step boldly into the cordless future. >>> finally, the headline on the forbes website is scary. it reads, doom's day astroid bigger than expected. they're talking about a football-field-sized astroid called 99942 apophis, and while it will pass by tonight, when it comes back in the year 2029, it will pass so close, just over 30,000 miles, it's going to be visible in broad daylight. >>> we're back after a break with our making a difference report. big crowds, a big surpri
for public schools from $54 billion to $56 billion. prop 30 funds will also go to higher education. about $125 million each for uc and csu. still governor brown says the state must live within its means and there will be cuts to certain welfare programs. >>> testing begins today on the now bay lights project on the bay bridge. more than 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs have been attached on the western span. crews will run the first sequence test to make sure everything is in working order. computer software has been designed to change light patterns. the $8 million project was created to celebrate the bay bridge's 75th anniversary. the switch will officially be turned on in march and it will run for two years. >>> when we return, monopoly is about to use a game piece. >> and it's up to you to decide which one goes into retirement. >>> sort of a monopoly survivor twist. hasboro holding a facebook contest to eliminate one of its igt little monopoly game piece and introduce a new one. and you get to help choose which one. >> it's the latest effort to bring new excitement to the game if they created almo
alongside. >> is that a nose? >> flat, though. they said they were educational but a little scary. i agree with that. >>> one young man in australia earned his wings. a training pilot landed safely after the plane lost a wheel midair. he circled for four hours before the emergency landing. 24 here, bill, so young but talented. >>> a familiar face is greeting visitors at china's, gangnam in an ice sculpture with glasses and bow tie. it towers over fans. he may be done prfring his signature moves but the icy statue has visitors dancing alongside him. it's still going. >> he said he wants to move on. he doesn't want to be a one-hit wonder. >> he'll still have to do that. >>> time for an early look at stories we'll follow throughout the day here on nbc. two years ago, today six people were killed and 13 others were injured in a mass shooting in tucson, arizona, including former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she and her husband astronaut mark kelly are marking date with a project they hope to encourage lawmakers to prevent gun violence. celebrations are planned for the 78th birthday of the
women. does educate that half of the population? does it give them opportunities? when it does, you unleash the power of everyone, not just some of the people. and i think there was great wisdom in afghanistan ratifying a constitution that recognized that. that should be part of the legacy of these last ten years. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama in the east room with afghan president, hamid karzai, as they conclude their press conference, after a long meeting, the two had their ninth summit meeting over the course of this war and the president's first term, most notable out of those comments, the president saying that this war will come in his words, to a responsible end by the end of next year. but this spring, the u.s. role will notably change, with a different mings that afghan forces will be in the lead, no longer u.s. forces. as our pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski reminds me, they will still very much be in harm's way in afghanistan and the contentious question of how many troops wil be left behind by the united states after 2014 is still very muc
by the department of education. it's called title ix. the law require the schools to have policies in place and a trained title ix coordinator to handle abuse complaints. the coordinators contact information must be made public. we found at the time of the allegations, the school district wasn't following this law. >> do you believe that some of the children would not be victims right now if the school district had simply followed the law? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: they are bay area attorneys, separately representing alleged victims and several cases against evergreen and chandler. we showed them what we unkoefred. >> had they paid attention to that which they are obligated to do, we wouldn't be sitting here talking to you today. >> reporter: the principal said she reported the alleged abuse to the district. namely the human resources director carol schmidt. and was told to handle it on her own. schmidt then testified she had not received any training on how to handle child sexual abuse in 17 years. but according to the district, schmidt is the title ix coordinator. >> in this instan
before education officials can start rewriting the test. if they get the green light, the new exams could debut in the 2014-'15 school year. >> the online courses aren't getting the hit they hoped for. the university spent more than $4 million marketing new online courses. the plan was to offer uc quality courses online to anyone including those not enrolled at the school. classes cost between $1,400 and $2,200. only one non-uc student signed up for an online class in the past year. another major problem, others like stanford and harvard offer many for free. >>> you are watching one right now. of course talking about the it tv set. >> the hottest ticket at the consumer electronics show in las vegas and our business and tech reporter scott budman to peer into the future. do you get to sample all of the these? is it for sale or just display? >> reporter: these are all samples. they're not for sale yet. sort of what you will be able to buy and that goes for a lot you're about to see. the future is bright and the future is very thin if you're a television set. they're still big draws and they
by the school district. one that's supposed to be enforce enforced by the department of education. the law requires schools have policy in place and a trained coordinator to handle abuse complaints. the coordinator's contact information must be made public. we found at the time of the allegations he evergreen elem t elementary school district wasn't following this law. do you believe that some of these children would not be victims right now if the school district had simply followed the law? >> without a doubt. >> no doubt in my mind. >> bob allard are bay area attorneys separately representing alleged victims in civil caseses against evergreen and chandler. we showed them what we uncovered. >> had they paid attention to that, we wouldn't be sitting here today. >> reporter: the principal testified in her trial she reported the alleged abuse to the district, namely human resources director carol schmidt and was told to handle it on her own. schmidt then testified she had not received any training on how to handle child sexual abuse in 17 years. but according to the district schmidt is the
doing his every day interactions. the request says the program would "educate the american public about the duties and responsibilities of their vice president while providing a glimpse of the light-hearted side of politics, even in the midst of contentious and divisive national debate." >> the petition received 25,000 signatures in one month, the white house says it will consider the question. >> aid watch it more than honey boo boo.
the issue by launching an educational campaign. >>> all right. my favorite story of the day. he's not a lion, but he certainly looks like one. one virginia dog triggered 911 calls while out on a walk. take a look. this is charles the monarch. he's a labradoodle with an interesting cut. recently police in norfolk, virginia, responded to calls about a lion on the loose. the local paper says officers even called the local zoo to make sure everything was okay. it was. it turned out to be good old charles. he's so popular, he even has a facebook page. i just liked it. he has 2,400 likes and counting so far. >>> when we come back, president obama is hosting a watch party at the white house for a show about the white house. we'll explain. >>> it is a case of art imitating life. a new show catching the eye of our commander in chief. today president obama will hold a private screening of 1600 penn. members of the cast and crew including josh gad will attend the screening. it was co-created by the president's former speech writer. you can see the first episode tomorrow night at 8:30 right here on nbc
tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> -- likely will be inactive for the playoff contest. [ indiscernible ] >> look a football player does. repeat it. and -- and -- not really more to say about it. suffice it to say, we have got, feel confident. and they have given us the best chance to win. >> the jacksonville jaguars fired head coach, mike malarki monday. the jags gm is tight with 49er offensive coordinator. there is rampant speculation, roman will be high on calldwells candidates. speculation about the sharks schedule the we can put an end to some of us. they will open up on january 20th in calgary. hey, look who is back in san jose, yeah, joining in thursdays informal shark skate. the team awaits the
, educate the american public about the duties and responsibilities of their vice president while providing a glimpse of the light-hearted side of politics, even in the midst of contentious and directive national debates. how about that? if the petition receives 25,000 significant tears in one month, the white house says it will consider the request. so far only about 1,300 people have signed the petition so don't hold your breath. >> hanging out with joe. >> we're back in a moment. >>> are you seeing this? >> is this real? did you create this in your graphics? >> no, it's not the weather computer. no. >> it's gorgeous. >> i know. >> it's the sunset. >> thanks for watching us. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 6:00. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you
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's something else? >> look at your skill sets, your education, passions, interests, and say what problem could i solve with the skills, passions and interests they currently have. and then look to those problems and see if you can start a business or start a service company solving those problems. it's really that simple. it's not complicated. >> if i think i'm a failure, i will be a failure? >> yeah. >> value of positive thinking, it is important. your mindset is important. even though hoda doesn't think so. >> i like you fine, steve. >> steve, thank you very, very much. >> world renowned dog behaviorist and trainer cesar milan. >> i think that's the doggy you need to take home. >> really? >> so cute. >> right after this. >>> it's time for your weather channel forecast. over the next couple of days. we're going to start with today's forecast where we're going to have a big story of rain anywhere from the gulf coast all the way up toward minneapolis, maybe a little bit of a mix. but the story really is this storm moving up spreading warmth and rain with it. and then weather we have a winter st
, and dealing with problems like gun violence and immigration and education and infrastructure. we've got to stop being accountants. i think if we are going to keep talking like this, we might as well have a constitutional amendment requiring all members of congress to be accountants. because all we're going to be doing for four areas is talking about budgets. >> carly fiorina, there is some symmetry here. the white house would argue that the 2010 election happened, the republicans had big gains. $20 billion cuts in the budget control act of last year. the president wins re-election. gets his tax hikes, now we've got a debt ceiling negotiation. they are going to push for additional spending cuts. is this the right balance to get ultimately to where we have to go? >> well, unfortunately, i think this will sound like a crazy thing to say. but everyone in washington is spending way too much time talking about the politics and not enough time talking about the pragmatic facts. here are the pragmatic facts. the economy has been in a slow-growth mode now for three years, reconfirmed by the late
and education, and our focus is on improving human movement. >> and this stuff you go get. i remember -- wasn't this created by someone who said you could take it and do it anywhere? >> you can do it anywhere. the suspension trainer was created by a navy s.e.a.l., and it's perfect for new york, small spaces. >> let's make sure we get some of this. >> perfect. what we're going to do first is go ahead and put your right into the left. sara is a pro, so we're going to spin to our knees. >> pro is a stretch. >> it's more of an advanced option. she's been on the suspension trainer before. hands and shoulders. lift your hips. tuck into a tight crunch. >> i can feel that in my abs. >> do a couple of reps of that. then just rest on your knees. the next up is trx pike. lift your hips up over your shoulders and come back down. >> now, i can feel that in my shoulders. >> it's all core all the time, sara. the trx trains strength, mobility, flexibility and balance. that was great. >> you could have this at home, right? >> you can have this at home. the new home kit actually comes with some downloadable wo
good to the last drop. now you can get 4 box tops for education on 70 general mills products. 4 more box tops... so we can help our schools even more. that's 84 box tops! [ female announcer ] get 4 box tops, now only a walmart. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >>> good morning, everyone. 6:26 is the time this sunday morning. looking live out over san jose this morning. a purple tinge to the sky, at least according to that one camera we're looking at. enough of the storm and rain, good news. >> we're going to start to see the rain get out of south bay. the showers kind of reforming over the central bay. we've got the showers dropping in from the northeast, as the counterclockwise rotation shifts into central california. the showers you're seeing across the central bay and east bay hills will pivot down into the south bay later this morning. and as the low scoots into southern california, that will shut down the rain chances for today. lingering showers until probably lunchtime. notice san jose in the south bay. clouds, a few isolated showers around los gatos. we see t
get a college education for just $10,000. >>> and local technology giving a music legend a second chance. the news is next.
ingredient of ever solving difficult things, whether it's a marriage, educating kids, fighting a war. you have to build trust between people and organizations. >> did you distrust the people at the white house? did you distrust key members of the obama administration when it came to their policy in dealing with afghanistan? >> i think what's most important is we spent a lot of timesharing information to try to build trust. trust kochl comes with time, wi cooperation and with compromise. i think that's what we worked through. >> with all due respect, you didn't answer my question. did you distrust key members of the administration in with respect to their handling of the war in afghanistan? >> yeah. i still believe that the most important thing we can do is build that trust. over time that's -- >> you're being a good soldier he here. i want to take you back to the "rolling stone" magazine that led to your resignation from your post. there were several demeaning comments attributed to your staff members and even to you. was that article accurate? was that the way you and your staff members
know the primary goal and focus of the museum is education. do you get a sense that there is a great thirst for knowledge about the second world war among the younger people who visit that museum? >> reporter: i do, matt. my own personal experience is that the baby boomers who came along after the war, it was not part of their memory, but then all the books that have been written about that time and they realize what their parents went through, first the depression and then the war and how much we owe them. and how much was at stake. and so young people are coming here and learning the magnitude of this war. 50 million people perished in world war ii as fought on six of the seven continence. john keegan says it's the largest event in the history of man kind. so large we're coming to grips with how important it was. >> we urge all of our viewers to get out and visit that important museum. tom, for your work in making it an even better place, we congratulate you. thanks for joining us this morning. >> reporter: all right. one more thing, matt. the pair a troopers that landed on d-day h
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micin prescribed by rheumalogists. ♪ ingles.. bursting with avor. ow you canet 4 box tops fo education on0 generamis oducts. 4 more box tops... so we can help ourchools even me. at's4 box to! female annouer ] get 4 x tops, now only a walmart. > we're back now a 8:10 with the true star of colge football's national chaionship game not a player on the field, but the girlfriend o alabama's quarteack, a.j. mccarron. we'll talk toheri webb exclusivy in a moment. firs nbc's andrea canning has a little bit mor on her. andrea? >> look at her, i get it. she's absoluly gorgus. good morning, ma. shectually met her boyfriend, a.j. marron on twter. and it'switter that's given heinstant celebry status. what seems to the most sought ter wom in america, fighting off questions from athlesnd even a job offer from donald trump. >> bece moreopular than the otll star himself. >> y quarterbacks t all the goodooking women. at a beautiful wo wow! >> whoa! >> a.j.'soing - >> she has mad every ghlight reel in the country aeronday night's bcs national championship game between alabama and notre dame. e has every
. >> good morning, erica, matt good morning, everyone. the 15-year-old pakistani girl's education advocate targeted and shot by the taliban has been released from a british hospital. malala yousafzai will pursuit outhospital rehabilitation in central england. she was shot in the head in pakistan by the taliban for her campaigning for girls' education. >>> after enduring a month of health problems, secretary of state hillary clinton is planning her return next week to business as usual. the state department says clinton is upbeat and recovering well after being hospitalized for a blood clot in her head. she is at home, resting, but already calling her advisers and working with her staff. we'll have much more with clinton and her special relationship with her daughter, chelsea, coming up. >>> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords heads to newton, connecticut, today, to meet with the families of the vingtss of the deadly school shooting there. giffords was wounded in a mass shooting in tucson, arizona, in 2011. her husband, astronaut mark kelly, will also attend the private meeting
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